Who we are

CAPISAR is a 501c6 nonprofit established by ISAR to support, promote and certify astrological excellence worldwide.

Mission & Vision


    CAPISAR certifies and supports astrologers from around the world to foster professional distinction in astrology. Our certificate program focuses on three essential skills needed to excel as a professional astrologer: personal ethics, astrological competency, and compassionate consulting. Astrologers who earn a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) designation demonstrate mastery in all three capacities.


    We are working to elevate astrology so that it becomes universally respected, and everyone in the field has the baseline competencies that allow them to represent this ancient tradition in a way that is skillful, compassionate, and of benefit to all they encounter.

What We Do

We provide opportunities to complete three of the four components necessary to become a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP): the Ethics Awareness Training & Exam, Consulting Skills Training, and the Competency Exam.