This experiential training teaches a repertoire of skills that makes working with astrology clients personal and more effective.

Due to the nature of the consulting relationship, we are placed in the position of giving information and insight regarding the client’s concerns. Listening can become a secondary activity when there is so much astrological information to convey. This training puts the client in the center of the consulting relationship, allowing the session to tune into the client’s thoughts and feelings. A client-centered approach and an information-centered approach are stylistically different modes that can coexist in an astrological consultation. Both are valid approaches and styles, and the goal of this training is to give you the techniques to recognize and alternate between the two.

This innovative training is recognized globally as the gold standard for consulting skills

  • Astrologers need to share information and listen deeply. Learn how to do both in a client session.

  • Experiential training is the most effective way to learn, and this course emphasizes role-playing exercises with real life examples!

  • Whether you are seeking to be certified or not, this training will enrich your practice.

Course Program

  • Day 1

    ◾ Group & Training Introduction ◾ About the training and ground rules ◾ Client-Centered and Astrological Information-Centered Approaches

  • Day 2

    ◾ Identifying Emotion ◾ The language of Empathy ◾ Paraphrasing ◾ Active Listening

  • Day 3

    ◾ Review of Skills ◾ Integration Role Play ◾ Presentation and discussion of other considerations - Self Awareness Skills, Communication Skills, Management Skills


  • I have been doing Astrology for many years and I have my own style. Are you asking me to change it, or telling me that the way I do it is not good?

    No, not at all. We simply want to expose you to other methods that may enhance the consults you are doing now. There is no judgment on consulting style, but a deep focus on the components and attributes of listening.

  • I really do not care for being with a group of strangers. How can this training help me with that?

    We often feel uncomfortable when we are in a group that we do not know. We are all astrologers and here to learn together, and that may mean taking some risk for all of us. Remember that there may be many who feel the same way, and this training is designed to help with that.