Those seeking to be a CAP (Certified Astrological Professional) must demonstrate competence in astrology by passing a rigorous exam.

It is an open-book test and you can use whatever texts or materials you think you will need, but it is timed. Questions are a combination of true/false, multiple choice, short-answer and in-depth essay. The exam covers many areas: history of astrology, an understanding of the various applications of astrology, basic astronomy as applied to astrology, symbolism, knowledge of chart calculations, forecasting skills including secondary progressions, return charts, transits, eclipses and lunations, synastry and relationships including chart comparison, family patterns, miscellaneous relationships and group dynamics.

ISAR’s Competency Exam is recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive evaluation of astrological knowledge.

  • Developed by professional astrologers and teachers, it measures both the depth and breadth of your astrological knowledge.

  • This exam is the capstone of your astrological studies and an essential component of becoming a CAP (Certified Astrological Professional).

  • Clients can be assured that they are working with someone with excellent astrological expertise and skills.

  • Well-rounded true/false and multiple-choice questions assess your knowledge of the history of astrology, basic astronomy, forecasting and synastry skills.

  • Short answer questions require a sentence or short paragraph to assess your comprehension of astrological principles in a range of applications.

  • In-depth essay-type questions to assess your critical thinking and interpretive skills with natal, synastry, solar return and secondary progression charts.

What You Need to Know

We will announce the new online exam date here soon. 

The downloadable resources below can help you prepare for the exam. 


  • What advantages will the competency exam have for me in my practice?

    The ISAR exam is recognized worldwide for its excellence. Clients are concerned that astrologers are competent to work with them. And for you, passing the exam can confirm your confidence.

  • Are there sample questions that I can see?

    Yes, the study guide includes many examples from the test.

  • How long is the exam?

    Six hours.